Technological Decorating 


Modern technology allows us to do almost anything we can imagine. 

Augmented reality can now be used to show you how your room would look if you decorated it any way you wished, without the need to decorate and redecorate until you find your true style.

Some apps can be used to easily measure dimensions of a room, others show you how furniture would look in different places, and others even show you how an extension could look added to your home. 

Revolutionary apps like Ikea Place, DecoratAR and Dulux Visualizer are all excellent examples of where the future of decorating is headed. 

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Listed Property Exterior Renovation


At Avery Rose Decorators, we provide a painting and decorating service for listed and period properties.

Redecorating listed properties can be a minefield of paperwork due to the nature of the buildings. Historic England have guidelines which can advise decorators about the work they wish to carry out on listed properties. 

Regular redecoration of the exteriors of listed properties is advised as it can help prevent decay, especially for external woodwork such as that on period properties. Specialist decorators use ‘breathable’ paint, such as lime wash to protect the exteriors from moisture damage.

However, some materials in older houses; some brick, stone and concrete walls for example, need to be free from paint to allow damp to evaporate.


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Dulux paint at the Met Office Exeter

The Met Office produces our weather reports and also for many countries across the globe, from their offices in Exeter.

Dulux  Trade paint was chosen to work with the construction company Willmott  Dixon and S&S Decorators on the building to carry out work including  interior painting to offices, walls and corridors and exterior walls.  Dulux was chosen to help enhance the look of the futuristic building.  Dulux Trade Diamond Matt paints were chosen for all the interior walls,   because of its reputation on high usage areas and its resistance to  staining. The paint is also famous for its ability to be cleaned easily  without having to be scrubbed or polished. For more information on Dulux  paints and a quotation for professional Painting and decorating in  Maidstone call us today.